• Your favorite bun or bread roll

  • 1 medium Lion's Mane mushroom

  • 2 slices of Swiss cheese

  • 1 Vidalia onion

  • 3 T. butter

  • Salt

  • Pepper


  • Slice onion into thin strips.

  • Saute onions in a pan with 1 T. olive oil and 1 T. butter on medium heat until they reach your desired caramelization level. (About 10-15 minutes in, you can start the rest of the process)

  • Slice the mushroom into 1/2 inch steaks from heat to foot (like broccoli).

  • Arrange mushrooms in a dry non-stick skillet on medium heat.

  • Cook mushrooms for 5 minutes and flip when browned. Cook for 5 more minutes on the second side. Salt and pepper each side.

  • Add in 1 T. of butter, and make sure it gets onto each mushroom.

  • Fry until golden on each side. Remove from pan.

  • Toast the bread in the mushroom pan, and add up 1 T. more butter, if desired.

  • Place a slice of Swiss cheese on the bread, cover the pan to melt the cheese.

  • Pile your sandwich with onions and mushrooms.